How it works

There are Six Divisions of cheer, all determined by a strict age scale to ensure safe and balanced competition. Other criteria includes:

  • Your child’s age on July 31st is his or her age for the season.
  • The zip code where you reside coincides with the league and team you will play or cheer with.
  • If you wish to join a cheer team outside of your designated zip code a “Waiver Form” will be needed. You can find this form on our forms and resources page. Please be aware that this form must be signed by both leagues affected.
  • If you reside in a zip code that is designated to multiple locations it is up to the cheerleader where she wants to participate.


Pop Warner is a national organization with a focus on spirit, teamwork, scholarship and fun! Being a part of the National Pop Warner Association there are several strict rules regarding paperwork, practice hours, team placement/age, equipment, uniform and safety issues that we must abide by. This website has a link to the National Pop Warner site if you would like to find out more about the organization. Below is some general information about our program and things to expect this season. Please read through all of this information to make sure you are ready for this commitment.

When and where do we practice?

Just like football, we have preseason conditioning & training session, which typically begins August 1st. Where the girls will learn cheers, dances, stunting and a half-time routine. The head coach of each team determines the days of each practice.

Do the girls compete?

Yes, squads that are Jr. Pee-Wee and higher will compete in a local West Coast Conference Pop Warner Cheer Championship. If the squad places locally then the squad will compete at our Regional level and possibly compete at our National level They also have the opportunity to compete in outside competitions throughout the season with the approval from West Coast Conference Pop Warner.

How many games do they cheer for?

There are a total of 8 regular season games: 4 home and 4 away. These games are typically played on Saturdays. Parents must provide transportation to the four away games. Some squads may need to cheer for additional post season games as well.

How is it decided what team girls are placed on?

Cheerleaders are placed according to date of birth and what number they were for registration. We can have a maximum if 35 girls per squad.

What do I have to buy?

Every association will have different types of programs for cheer uniforms. Some will require you to purchase, or rent. Please speak to your association for details.

What paperwork do I need to pass in?

Birth certificates with raised seal (copies not allowed).

Pop Warner Physical

A Full Years Report Card

Who are the coaches?

All coaches, team managers and student demonstrators are volunteers but they are all CORI/SORI checked (a National Pop Warner rule). The team demonstrators are usually high school girls who have gone through the Sharon Pop Warner program and enjoyed it so much they want to give back and help the younger girls learn how to cheer.

Who can coach?

If you are 21yrs or older you may become a Head Coach. If you are 18yrs or older your may become an Assistant Coach. For someone that is younger we have student demonstrators who need to be 14 or 15 yrs of age by July 31st. For Coaches trainees you must be 16 or 17 yrs of age by July 31st.


Pop Warner Spirit teams have participated for several decades on the football sidelines (Pep Squads, Majorettes, etc.); however, cheerleading was not officially introduced until the 1970’s.

Today, thousands of youth participate in Pop Warner Cheerleading and Dance teams around the United States.

The Cheer and Dance Program offers teams a wide range of opportunity for young athletes at all skill levels: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced.

Pop Warner has established one set of spirit rules along with JAMZ, the Pop Warner Education Development Partner and the original developer of the Youth Cheer and Dance Alliance (YCADA).

Together with YCADA, Pop Warner is able to provide online educational courses for its coaches, administrators and judges on team skill levels for Cheer Teams (Core Cheer, Show Cheer PW 1-4) and for Dance Teams (Pom Performance, Theme Dance & Hip Hop). Pop Warner also offers additional competition opportunities in Sideline Performance Cheer.

With continued education, the Pop Warner Coaching Staff provides basic instruction, training and conditioning for both football games and competition.

Teams participate on the sidelines at football games for home and most away games through to the Pop Warner Super Bowl. In addition to Game Day, teams participate in qualifying spirit events (League and Region) through to a Pop Warner National Championship.

The Pop Warner National Cheer and Dance Championships (started in 1988) are now held in December located in ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex in Kissimmee, Florida.