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2022 All-American Scholar Recipients

Each year, the most academically accomplished Pop Warner kids compete for Academic All-American status. The PWLS All-American Program requires a minimum 96% grade point average to apply for All-American status.After the applications have been processed, Pop Warner determines National All-American Scholars. 

This year we are proud to recognize 139 scholar-athletes from the West Coast Conference for their hard work in the classroom and in the community. Each recipient received an email with more information regarding this amazing accomplishment, including a personalized certificate honoring your great work in the classroom and in the community.

Congratulations to all the 2022 All-American Scholar Recipients:

Toren Bouillon - Carlsbad

Noah Casias - Carlsbad

Trevor Crellin - Carlsbad

Owen Gommel - Carlsbad

Raul Gonzalez - Carlsbad

Hunter Humphries - Carlsbad

Maverick Joseph - Carlsbad

Trent Kellas - Carlsbad

Ben Livingston - Carlsbad

Langdon Mullica - Carlsbad

Leo Nicholson - Carlsbad

Cameron Salcido - Carlsbad

Zaeden Van Es - Carlsbad

Haleigh McKay - Escondido

Kaydence Turner - Escondido

Aiden Del Gatto - Escondido

Jalen Galindo - Escondido

Cash Herrera - Escondido

Makai Labayen - Escondido

Ruben Ramirez - Escondido

Cainan Whitaker - Escondido

Jacob Dabney - Fallbrook

Colton Haughey - Fallbrook

Van Piercy - Fallbrook

Waylon Puikunas - Fallbrook

James Russell - Fallbrook

Saxon Gluhak - La Costa Canyon

Logan Huff - La Costa Canyon

Quinn Roth - La Costa Canyon

Jake Michael Squires - La Costa Canyon

Cannon Starritt - La Costa Canyon

Noah Schrader - Lakeside Vaqueros

Sophie Morabito - Murrieta Valley

Jessica Sanchez - Murrieta Valley

Kaylee Story - Murrieta Valley

Ryder Lopez - Murrieta Valley

Rocco Sapia - Murrieta Valley

Austin Wright - Murrieta Valley

Leila May - Oceanside 

Elijah Mesa - Oceanside 

Alexander Nicotera - Oceanside 

Braeden Bartocci - Point Loma

Michael Becker - Point Loma

Shane Brushie - Point Loma

Ian Case - Point Loma

Ryan Cleator - Point Loma

Matteo Correia - Point Loma

Griffin Davis - Point Loma

Dylan DePace - Point Loma

Aiden Faltico - Point Loma

Michael Fowler - Point Loma

Marlan Hoodwillis Jr - Point Loma

Austin Keltner - Point Loma

Braden Lane - Point Loma

Evan LeCault - Point Loma

Nicholas Lemus-Robles - Point Loma

Lukas Lenahan - Point Loma

Calvin Lubsen - Point Loma

Kyle Machado - Point Loma

Landon Moore - Point Loma

Evan Mowry - Point Loma

Brent Nolan - Point Loma

Ryan Patterson - Point Loma

Romeo Postolis Carter - Point Loma

Leo Sahd - Point Loma

Chase Thomas - Point Loma

Kassidy DeRobertis - Poway

Brynn Giustiniani - Poway

Kathryn Inzunza - Poway

Jasmine Rundle - Poway

James Clifford - Poway

Matthew Farnham - Poway

Justin Julian - Poway

Quinn Lawrence - Poway

Adam Monarch - Poway

Jenna Lee - Ramona

Tairen Lee - Ramona

Phoenix Nelson - Ramona

Keely Townley - Ramona

Hayden Betley - Ramona

Erik Clifford - Ramona

Justin Jarrett - Ramona

Trake Kelly - Ramona

Caden Kitzman - Ramona

Parker Lee - Ramona

Keegan McElwee - Ramona

Tallon Ogilvie - Ramona

Sean Parenti - Ramona

Ryan Shaw - Ramona

Caden Thompson - Ramona

Payton Abbod - Rancho Hills

Cadence Ditomaso - Rancho Hills

Brooklyn Henry - Rancho Hills

Lena Shartel - Rancho Hills

Jasper Bagnasco - Rancho Hills

Bryson Calloway - Rancho Hills

Tristan Diaz - Rancho Hills

Colton Groth - Rancho Hills

Zachary Haggar - Rancho Hills

Brixton Harper - Rancho Hills

Haden Hutchinson - Rancho Hills

Devin Ibarra - Rancho Hills

Christian Jones - Rancho Hills

Dylan Kay - Rancho Hills

Jennifer Hom - Scripps Ranch

Grace Johnson - Scripps Ranch

Isabella Podmenik - Scripps Ranch

Kara Scott - Scripps Ranch

Chloe Worley - Scripps Ranch

Anthony Cates - Scripps Ranch

Robert Day - Scripps Ranch

Tyler Taysom - Scripps Ranch

Dylan Tschirn - Scripps Ranch

Kesane Barrington - Temecula Valley

William Bennett - Temecula Valley

James Jr Deering - Temecula Valley

Jaelyn DeHoff - Temecula Valley

Amari Delk - Temecula Valley

Kyle Feliciano - Temecula Valley

Charlie Gimenez - Temecula Valley

Mekai Greifendorff - Temecula Valley

Kaleb Johnson - Temecula Valley

Andrew Marquis - Temecula Valley

Jackson Munford - Temecula Valley

Brendan OKeefe - Temecula Valley

Jacob Ortega - Temecula Valley

Colton Pike - Temecula Valley

Seth Rice - Temecula Valley

Brody Sardina - Temecula Valley

Devin Stephen - Temecula Valley

Trent Boyle - Torrey Pines

Grady Christensen - Torrey Pines

Zed Hornby - Torrey Pines

Reese Pagon - Torrey Pines

Eden Carter - Vista

Kaylee Healy - Vista

Isaiah Richardson - Vista

Joel Valverde - Vista

Jeremiah Vander Meulen - Vista

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